Films to Watch Out for

Saving Private Ryan (dir. Steven Spielberg 1998)

Another classic tale recounted by an elderly character who witnessed the events of the film. If you’re a fan of war drama, this is an epic watch.

The Usual Suspects (dir. Bryan Singer 1995)

Similar to Saving Mr Banks in the way that information about the past is revealed during the film in a non-linear plot.

Fantastic Mr. Fox (dir. Wes Anderson 2009)

Another awesome Wes Anderson film with similar aesthetics in the way colour is used. Not a framed plot but interesting to look at how Anderson has represented the book and it’s similarity to his other work.

Slumdog Millionaire (dir. Danny Boyle and Loveleen Tandan 2008)

Then main guy’s interrogation frames the narrative of his life leading up to his appearance on India’s version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Super lovable main character and (spoiler alert!) a happy ending!

Pan’s Labyrinth (dir. Guillermo del Toro 2006)

This is a very cool movie, interesting colour palette and the non-linear story-line takes you between the Spanish Civil War and this crazy, awesome fantasy world which has you guessing what’s real and what’s not. Much like, Life of Pi, but without a narrator and with intermittent scenes of reality and fantasy.

Films which use the creative process as a backdrop:

The Artist (dir. Michel Hazanavicius 2011)

Argo (dir. Ben Affleck 2012)


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