Framing and Why Bother with It?

This is just a small introduction to a blog about film analysis and a blogger who loves telling tales.

A framing device isn’t really a film technique, but more of an element of the narrative. However, I think it depends on how a director chooses to tell a story which can influence greatly the techniques employed in any given film. I am using framing as the theme for this blog simply because I think it is a device which has been utilized continuously in film history.

From the standard narrator book ending-type of narrative like “The Princess Bride” (dir. Rob Reiner 1987), which is framed at the beginning and end with a grandfather telling the story to his ill grandson.

To more complex styles of framing such as interwoven flashbacks which provide that extra information to the narrative- like in the film “Saving Mr Banks” (dir. John Lee Hancock 2013).

What I hope to achieve is a greater understanding of how film techniques have been utilized by directors to employ this well-received narrative device, but also how cinema has transformed the way narrative has been framed- taking a universal plot device and making it contemporary.

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